so much more than a door knocker

unique, handmade sculptures to finish your door in style


add character to your door

It’s not just a knocker. It’s a functional sculpture. It’s an expression of your character which adds a personal signature to your door. It tells a story. It brings personality and life to your entrance. It makes your visitors smile. It’s art on your door. It speaks volumes about your style. It’s so much more than just for knocking.

antique woodpecker door knocker
Brass Bee Door Knocker on wood and glass door
brass rose door knocker on glass door

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hand crafted using traditional methods

Our door knockers are carefully crafted by hand using traditional methods passed down through generations. Once cast, each piece is beautifully engraved and finished in a choice of patinas. Our door knockers are surface mounted and come complete with an invisible fixing that seamlessly attaches to your door.

Sandcasting furnace
hand crafting door knockers
handmade brass door knockers

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