Fitting your door knocker

Our door knockers are surface mounted with invisible fixings so you won’t see any bolts or screws on either side of your door. Fitting your door knocker is a simple process and should take about five minutes. Our door knockers are suitable for wood doors as well as solid core composite doors. All screws and fittings are supplied. It is advised to check with the door manufacturer before making any alterations to your door.


Fitting instructions

1. Hold your knocker on the door and make a mark where the top of the keyhole on the back of the bracket is positioned.
2. Drill a pilot hole and screw in the longest screw. It’s important not to screw it completely into your door – leave approximately 3mm clearance between the screw head and door.
3. Position the keyhole on the back of the knocker bracket over the screw head and slide the bracket down until it stops. If the bracket is not fitting tight to the door, make small adjustments to the screw as necessary.
4. Using a nail or thin screw, mark the position of the bottom screw. Drill a second pilot hole, insert the screw and tighten fully (some designs require the use of our special angle tool).
5. Attach the brass cap to the screw head.
6. Position the round fixing bracket so that the knocker falls squarely on its centre.
7. Attach the round fixing bracket using the small screws, then screw the knocker stop to the bracket until it sits flush with the door.

Our door knocker finishes

We use quality brass combined with skilled craftsmanship to create our door knockers. We chose brass due to its sustainable qualities, enduring beauty and excellent resistance to corrosion. With love and care, your door knocker should last a lifetime.

Aged Brass

‘Golden brown with a vintage look’

Patinated using a chemical-free process, our aged door knockers have a unique ‘vintage’ appearance. Once the desired colour has been achieved we add a clear protective sealant that prevents your door knocker from ageing further. Unlike lacquer, this sealant will not crack, peel or discolour. It also gives protection against acid rain and salt air. If you’d prefer your door knocker to continue to age further, please leave a note at checkout and we will not apply our sealant.

We recommend wiping down with a soft cloth periodically. Warm soapy water and a soft brush (toothbrush) can be used to remove any stubborn dirt.

Raven Black

‘Charcoal with a deep brown undertone’

We apply a patina to the brass which creates a soft black finish that has a matt appearance. The brass is baked and the colour is left to mature before we add our sealant to protect the finish.

Little maintenance is required, just wipe periodically with a soft cloth.

Polished Brass

‘Highly polished with a shiny gold appearance’

Our polished door knockers show brass in its natural ‘living’ state. After casting, they are highly polished until bright and shiny. This finish can be maintained using a metal cleaner and soft brush or if left unpolished your door knocker will tarnish and age naturally.

If you’d like your door knocker to remain bright and shiny without regular cleaning, we can add our protective sealant. Please let us know by making a note at checkout.

Satin Silver

‘Silver with a warm undertone’

We use a metal plating process to achieve a stylish silver with a matt finish. Our sealant is applied to protect the finish.

Little maintenance is required, just wipe periodically with a soft cloth and warm soapy water.

*Note: You should not use metal cleaning products if your door knocker has our protective sealant applied.

“Love him, it has made my rather dull front door splendid.”

S. Holmes