Door Knockers designed with you in mind

We love door knockers but hate the thought of drilling a hole through a beautiful wooden door. That’s why our door knockers are surface mounted. You won’t see any bolts or screws on either side of your door. Fitting your door knocker is a simple process and should only take a few minutes. The necessary screws and fixing brackets are supplied.

surface mounted door knockers

fitting instructions

1. Position your knocker and make a small pencil mark on your door at the top and centre of the bracket. Drill a pilot hole approximately 7mm down from the pencil mark and screw in the longest screw. It’s important not to screw it completely into your door – leave approximately 3mm clearance between the screw head and door.
2. Position the key hole on the back of the knocker bracket over the screw head and slide the bracket down until it stops. If the bracket is not fitting tight to the door, make small adjustments to the screw as necessary.
3. Make a second pilot hole, then insert the second screw and tighten it fully. Attach the brass cap to the screw head.
4. Position the round fixing bracket on your door so that the door knocker falls squarely on its centre.
5. Attach the round fixing bracket to your door using the small screws then screw the knocker stop to the bracket until it sits flush with the door.

cleaning and care guide

We use quality brass combined with skilled craftsmanship to create our door knockers. We chose brass due to its sustainable qualities, enduring beauty and excellent resistance to corrosion. Brass will change in appearance over time but with love and care your door knocker should last a lifetime.


Our door knockers are darkened to give an aged appearance and a clear protective coating is added to preserve the colour. Your door knocker should remain in the same condition with minimal maintenance. We recommend cleaning by wiping with a cloth or washing with warm soapy water. You should not use metal cleaning products.

Over time, (many years but more quickly in salty or harsh environments) you will notice your door knocker becoming duller and darker in appearance as the protective coating thins.

brass rose door knocker with blue cleaning cloth