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“Our vision is to change the way people think about door knockers. We consider our door knockers to be sculptures; as beautiful as they are functional. They’re an unmissable expression of your character that adds a personal signature to your door.”

Jenny & Mike

Jenny Mack and Mike Adams

Husband and wife team, Jenny and Mike are the founders of Adams & Mack. Why door knockers? They’re often asked this question, so here’s how it all began… Their story started when they found an unusual fish door knocker in a local antique shop. They loved the look of it but, when it came to the fitting, they had reservations about drilling a hole through their solid oak front door. With a background in casting bronze, they were no strangers to the ins and outs of designing and making intricate pieces in metal. So, they decided to cast a fish knocker complete with an invisible fixing that seamlessly attached to the door.

Having successfully created a salmon door knocker, they saw an opportunity to develop a range of original designs for others to enjoy. Their focus was to produce a sustainable, quality product using traditional methods of casting.

With their knowledge of metal casting and the help of a friend living in Delhi, they began to search for a partner foundry who shared their ethos. After several visits to India, they forged links with a small family-run foundry. Over time, this family have become firm friends as well as business partners. They are a small team of highly skilled artisans whose expertise has been passed down from generation to generation. They cast each piece by hand with unerring attention to detail. As the production process is split between the UK and India, a shared passion for beautiful, handcrafted, sustainable products is an integral part of the success of the business.

Adams & Mack’s unique door knocker designs are inspired by nature. Each new design starts life as a simple pencil sketch. Once happy with the form, moulds are created and sent to the team in India. When casting is complete the door knockers are finished and assembled in the workshop in South Devon. Each design is available in a range of colours including an antique finish which is achieved using a chemical-free process.

Every door knocker Adams & Mack creates is truly unique with a character of its own. It is made with genuine care and love. They hope this passion comes across in every piece they develop and carries-over to your home.

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