Unique Door Knockers

A stunning choice of unique door knockers to grace your front door. Our popular range of door knockers includes birds, fish, bee, flowers, classic Victorian designs and even a quirky Chinese dragon. Each door knocker in our Collection is an exclusive design which has been created to be a practical as well as decorative addition to your door. We believe a door knocker should be a beautiful symbolic object that reflects the character of your home while respecting the aesthetics of your door. Search our unique door knocker Collection and find your perfect match.

Victorian Door Knockers

We designed Winslow and Vida with the doctor’s Victorian door knocker in mind. Both these Victorian style door knockers reflect the classic taste of this era. Winslow and Vida have distinctive patterns engraved around the centre of their elegant curved bodies. This gives a nice feel to the knocker when it is lifted. These two Victorian door knockers are well suited to period properties and town houses as well as glass paneled doors.

Fish Door Knockers

When we designed our fish door knockers, we wanted them to reflect three different types of fishing; the carp for coarse fishing, the cod for sea and the salmon for fly fishing. It was important to us that our designs captured not just the correct detail of each fish but also their behaviour in their natural environment. Our salmon door knocker for example could either be leaping to scale a waterfall or jumping to take an airborne fly.

Quirky Door Knockers

Alba is the quirky door knocker in our Collection. The design is based on the Chinese dragon. He’s the biggest and heaviest of our unique door knockers and has a resounding knock. It’s interesting watching peoples’ expressions as they approach your front door if they haven’t seen this striking Dragon door knocker before!

Flower Door Knocker

Nola is currently the only flower in our Collection. We wanted to include a classic English flower and the rose seemed absolutely perfect. So we designed Nola, a completely unique rose door knocker that ideally suits the front door of a keen gardener or a cottage in the countryside.

Bird Door Knockers

Ransley and Cosima, our two designs of bird door knocker add to the wildlife theme of our Collection. Cosima, a greater spotted woodpecker, is in scale and looks so realistic, in fact you can see some people looking twice to check she is actually a door knocker! We wanted to include a rarer bird in the Collection too, so Ransley was born. His design is based on the woodcock and snipe, two wading birds seen mainly in estuaries and marshland. We love his long elegant bill.

Bee Knocker

Our bee knocker, Cora, is the first insect door knocker design in the Collection. Bumble bee door knockers are widely seen so we wanted Cora to stand out. Her design is unusual because she is positioned looking down with wings spread and her head is used to knock. She is also slightly larger than most other bumble bee door knockers you might see. We were also keen that our bee knocker design showed off Cora’s amazing wings so they are cast fully outstretched with lovely relief and detailing. Cora has her own custom knocker stop cast as a flower in bloom. We love this finishing touch.

Hare Door Knocker

Vitus, the hare, is the first mammal door knocker in our Collection. Being such a popular, yet relatively rare animal nowadays, the hare seemed the perfect choice. Vitus is a unique hare door knocker design, exclusive to Adams & Mack. His compact shape makes him easy to hold while also showing off his amazing ears and long legs.

Each Adams & Mack door knocker is handmade in brass by one of our skilled craftsmen. Their experience and dedication is mirrored in the meticulous attention to detail on each exclusive knocker. We love the thought that our unique door knockers will last a lifetime. They are presented in a handmade ‘keepsake’ wooden box which makes a perfect gift.

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