Silver Door Knockers

‘Satin Silver’

Our silver door knockers have a warm undertone with a slight sheen. The colour is best described as being between Nickel and Pewter so it looks lovely with door furniture in either of these finishes. The colour reminds us of the silvery skin of a fresh Spring salmon.

Our silver door knockers are crafted in brass, so they are strong, durable and resistant to corrosion. To achieve the colour, we add a thin layer of pewter to the raw brass. A sealant is also added which fixes the colour and prevents flaking. Little maintenance is required, just wipe with a soft cloth to remove any residue.

Our silver door knockers are a great match if your door furniture is in either satin nickel or pewter. It’s a versatile finish that suits most door colours.

Please note that our Cod and Traditional Victorian are not currently available in satin silver.

Useful Information


Our silver door knockers have a discreet and secure surface mounted fitting. There will be no visible screws and you will not need to drill a hole through your door. Easy to install, each knocker is supplied with screws suitable for wooden and solid core composite doors.

Made by hand

Our products are made by skilled artisans using traditional techniques. Each door knocker is cast in two or more parts then expertly welded and engraved. The beauty of crafting with traditional methods is that the intricate detail of each design can be realised. Every door knocker we forge cools down with its own little idiosyncrasies, that’s why it’s so special.


Our products are packaged in a wooden keepsake box. In fact, every part of our packaging is designed to be recycled or repurposed. A significant advantage of hand casting products in brass is that the remnants from each cast or any imperfections can be melted down and reused. We do not hold a large amount of stock across all our finishes, instead each door knocker is completed to order at our workshop in Devon, UK.