Bumble Bee Door Knocker


An exclusive bumble bee door knocker design known as Cora.

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Dimensions: Length: 11cm, Width: 15cm, Depth: 8cm
Material: Aged Brass
Weight: 700g

This beautiful bumble bee door knocker is the newest addition to our growing Collection – she is christened Cora. When designing her we wanted to capture the essence of a bee buzzing around a flower. Her body is curved so she does not lie flat to the door. Her beautiful outstretched wings span out to a width of 15cm. She is positioned on the door facing down in a pose suggesting she is searching for pollen. Cora knocks with her head on to an unusual flower knocker stop. We were keen to ensure that the detail of the fine hair on her body and the intricate veins in her wings came through in the casting. Our bumble bee door knocker took over a year to design and we are delighted with the end result. Cora radiates warmth, happiness and a sense of homeliness as visitors approach your front door. We think she makes the perfect addition to any entrance area.

Like all our door knockers, Cora is individually handmade using brass and subtly engraved with our trademark.

What we loveā€¦

  • Made entirely by hand
  • Easy surface mount fixing with no visible screws
  • Curved body capturing movement
  • Detail and wide span of her wings
  • Unique knocker stop with flower design

Fitting and care of your bumble bee door knocker

Cora, our bumble bee door knocker, is a surface mounted brass knocker. Easy to install, our custom designed fitting bracket will ensure she stays firmly in place on your front door. As she is surface mounted, there will be no nuts or bolts seen protruding on the inside of your front door. We include screws and fittings for wooden doors. You can view detailed instructions on how to fit your bee door knocker here.

Our door knockers are darkened to give an aged appearance and a clear protective coating is added to preserve the colour. Your door knocker should remain in the same condition with minimal maintenance. We recommend cleaning by wiping with a cloth or washing with warm soapy water. You should not use metal cleaning products or abrasive materials. Over time, (many years but more quickly in salty or harsh environments) you will notice your door knocker becoming duller and darker in appearance as the protective coating thins.



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