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Fox Door Knocker – New Design


Manston, the Fox

An unusual fox door knocker known as Manston. Strong and charismatic creating a sense of vigilance and protection.

Dimensions: Length: 115mm, Width: 115mm, Depth: 50mm
Top bracket: Width 25mm
Knocker stop: Width 37mm
Material: Brass
Weight: 1.2kg

Our door knockers are handcrafted so there may be some minor variations to the images. Each piece is truly unique, engraved with our trademark and finished to order. It is presented in a complimentary wooden gift box.

Since the inception of our collection, the image of this fox door knocker has lingered in our minds. We delved into numerous ideas, exploring a myriad of designs, until we ultimately settled on a dozing fox. With its form taking on a compact circular shape, and its bushy tail acting as a convenient handhold, our fox door knocker embodies both functionality and artistic allure.

As your visitor approaches, what initially appears as a conventional round knocker transforms into a delightful surprise – a charming fox. We have endeavoured to capture the graceful, agile, and curious nature of this magnificent creature. Even in a resting position, Manston, the fox, exudes an air of alertness, with his eyes wide open and ears perked up, he eagerly awaits your visitors. We have tried to strike a balance between portraying the intricate texture of fur and showcasing the fox’s overall structure and form.

With a substantial weight of 1.2kg, Manston delivers a resounding knock that will resonate through your home. He is not merely a functional element but a stunning piece of art that creates a focal point for an entrance. Suitable for both urban and rural abodes, Manston adds a captivating touch to any home.

What we love…

  • Unique and Distinctive – Manston, the fox door knocker, stands out with its unusual design.
  • Captivating focal point that leaves a lasting impression.
  • Intricate detail of the fur and body structure.
  • Suitability for both suburban and country homes.
  • Concealed bracket – preserving the integrity of the design without compromise.

Fitting your fox door knocker

Manston, our fox door knocker, is a surface-mounted brass knocker. Easy to install, our custom-designed fitting bracket will ensure it stays firmly in place on your front door. Our door knockers are suitable for wood doors as well as solid core composite doors and all screws and fittings are supplied.


Aged Brass (natural)

An aged finish is achieved using a natural chemical-free patination process. Your door knocker will continue to age and, after many years, develop a bronze colour. A metal cleaner can be used to restore the colour and give it a natural sheen or it can be left to age and cleaned using a dry cloth and soft toothbrush. We recommend using a clear wax after cleaning.

Aged Brass (with sealant)

You can choose to add a sealant to our aged brass finish. It is a transparent clear protective coating that helps prevent your door knocker from ageing further. It does not alter the appearance or colour of the finish. You should not use a metal cleaner on sealed products, simply clean periodically with a dry soft cloth or brush. A clear wax is recommended after cleaning for added protection.

Polished Brass

Our polished brass door knockers are highly polished until bright and shiny. To maintain this appearance, your door knocker will require regular cleaning with a metal cleaner. If left unpolished, it will tarnish and age naturally developing an aged patina. Depending on the environment, it will be the same colour as our aged finish in roughly two years.

Raven Black

We apply a patina to the brass which creates a soft black colour with a satin finish. The brass is baked and the colour is left to mature before we add our sealant to protect the finish. Little maintenance is required, simply wipe periodically with a soft cloth. A clear wax can be applied for added protection.

Satin Silver

We use a metal plating process over the brass to achieve a stylish silver with a matt finish. This finish matches well with either pewter or satin nickel door furniture. Our sealant is applied to protect the finish. Little maintenance is required, simply wipe periodically with a soft cloth and warm soapy water. A clear wax can be applied for added protection.



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We take customer satisfaction very seriously at Adams & Mack. We want you to have a door knocker that is in every sense the perfect fit for your door. If you’re not happy with your door knocker, it’s easy to return. Please notify us within 14 days so we can provide a free returns label. More details about our return policy and information for our non UK customers can be found here.

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Customer Reviews

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Jules G
Perfect Gift

I purchased the beautiful Fox door knocker as a wedding gift. Everything from the speedy delivery, beautifully presented in a wooden box to the quality of the Fox itself were amazing. My friends adored the gift and took it over to Canada to hang on their front door in Nova Scotia.