Front Door Knocker Selection

The History Behind The Front Door Knocker

We’re often asked about the history behind the front door knocker and what inspired us on our journey to produce our own collection. So here’s the story so far… The first record of a front door knocker dates back to Ancient Greece.

Victorian door knocker on blue front door with spring flowers

Decorating Your Front Door Through The Seasons

We believe that what greets a visitor when they approach your front door should receive as much thought as the inside of your home. Read our tips on the best way of decorating your front door through the changing seasons.

hot metal pouring into sand casting mold

The Secret To Making Perfect Brass Door Knockers

At Adams & Mack, we still use the traditional method of sand casting to make our brass door knockers but we have paired it with some up to date technology. Read our secrets to making perfect brass door knockers.